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Full day of Eating – Extreme Fat loss Diet – Lose 10 Kg

This is Indian Style Extreme Fat Loss Diet. Indian Meal plan to lose weight fast. How to lose weight fast in Indian style.

In this video I will share with you a practical full day diet plan which can easily make you lose 10 kg. This is extreme fat loss diet. This isn’t any fad diet but a well balanced low calorie Indian diet plan. The recipes in this diet are very simple, very Indian, nothing Fancy. As it is a pure vegetarian diet, anybody can follow it. Not only I will show you the meals but also how to prepare them.

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I wish you good health.
Fit Tuber.

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  1. Hello Friends! For all those who are a bit reluctant to start this meal plan because of it's low calorie content, I would like to state that one of the main focus areas of this video has been "Mindful eating". If you properly chew your food, eat your meals with full attention, not only you will absorb a higher nutritional value out of it but also your tummy will remain full for a longer time. Try it out, the results will astonish you.
    I wish you good health!
    Fit Tuber

  2. a human should take atleast 1200 calories per day, otherwise its not healthy.. scientifically proven fact.. but this diet will only provide 1100 calories.. i hope you'll see to it.. and i rly appreciate the effort you take to make videos and educate ppl regarding fitness.. cheers

  3. According to macros of this diet one can lose only muscles and little bit of fat as protein and carb ratio is not good…. It should be 1:1

  4. Bruh i like your videos,but need to say a thing on this diet , i think 1-2 short more meals needed to be added in this , cuz min requirement of daily intake
    range is 1200-1500Kcal , eating this much less would not be great , body will feel drained whole day and plus we are adding a good amount of workout too right ? this means overall intake would reduce to 800-900Kcal which will fuck up the metabolism bad ! Hope you give it a think ! 🙂

  5. Does all your diet plan consist of the same amount of ingredients? Doesn't protein intake vary from body weight? I mean I have friends who have various diet plans and all of them weigh their food and have different amount of food to be consumed. So can you make a video to inform about body types and amount of food to be consumed by such body types?

  6. Good video fit tuber. But would you also show the workout plan during this extreme fat loss program, it would be great then!

  7. Super and simple, big thumbs up man. U always make me feel loosing weight is simple….
    I hv a request do make a similar video fr non vegetarian…

  8. Brother maine aapki almost perfect receipie wali video dekhi, lkn thoda confusion hai. Qki chichen wali receipie mai 15g fat hai. Itna fat kaise. Qki brown rice m bhi fat itna nahi hota hai, aur chicken m bhi carbs aur fat nahi hote. To 15g fat kaise aaya.

  9. Bro please do a video on cooking utensils and cookware , which type material we should use,What to avoid. wether nonstick pans r good for our health , plz include all these things.

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