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FB Update: Our story, chronic pain, self care & moving forward

Going through some tough times but we will come out stronger for it.
If you’ve been wondering why we’ve been quiet lately, this will be a helpful watch. If your only interest is our workout videos, all you need to know is that we’re taking a temporary break in publishing in order to build some infrastructure and support around ourselves and our business so that we can better focus on creating content, and that there are more new workout videos, workout programs, website features, meal plans, recipes, and secret projects in the works and on the way. But we need a water break; a breather for planning & building the future of FB, self care, sustainability and health. If you want to know more details about what’s going on, feel free to read my letter/blog post @ We love you guys and want to thank you sincerely for all of the love & support over the years. I cannot wait to jump back out in front of that bright white background and earn a #workoutcomplete with you all 💛

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  1. Look forward to seeing you back, strong and well. You’re workouts have been life changing for me. Thank you

  2. Hang in there, Kelli ❤ take however long a break you need – your health, both mentally and physically, are more important!!!

  3. Thank you for all you guys have done! Your channel has been massive to my shift in fitness. Please take your time to HEAL! Love you guys so much, thank you for your honesty and your amazing channel!

  4. This has been such an inspiration. I've been exercising with you guys for so long, I don't even take other exercise classes or something like that. I feel so identified with this struggle, I've been through personal crisis, I moved recently to live abroad and far away from home and because of stress and other factors, I have been having pelvic pain. I am taking care of myself and focusing in my goals but this community has allowed me to keep staying active and positive and getting stronger and more motivated even with the limitations that I have due to pain from time to time!. I hope with all my heart things get better for Keli! I want you guys to know the impact that you have in people that have struggled with losing weight and exercising all their lives (like me) and how relatable this situation is. Lots of love to you guys and stay strong and positive!

  5. I hope you guys take a longer break than you need. You always did talk about it being okay to have a longer "rest break". With that said, I am actually freakin' Hyped if you guys will take some interest in mental management like you said in the video, and give Fitnessblender the whole fitness anyone can get.. Mental and Physical.

  6. Kelli, I'm praying for you to have a speedy and safe recovery and soon be healthy again. Don't worry about rushing yourselves on content, you have plenty of workout videos to tie us over! 😛 I'm not sure what neuralgia is, but, I know that you'll beat it! Also, if you're craving jump squats so bad, does that mean when you start filming workouts again you're going to kill us all with insane exercises, for example, burpees, star jumps, jump squats, evan burpees, etc. Haha!
    Anyway, again, I pray for you Kelli, and in the meantime, as you're getting better, I'll add in some extra jump squats to my workouts for you 🙂
    Love y'all ~Alexandra

  7. Guys, please take care of yourselves. You both are in my prayers. Thanks for being so awesome and honest about things. Regards from Singapore

  8. I'm so glad you opened up to us. I needed this outlook. It's a huge task to build a business when there's not enough of you to go around with your goals in your head. I'm hitting the wall too with my fitness business and I'm very stressed. Self care is so important to be a better you to the crew. Thank you for your hard work! I've been strength and endurance training with ya'll for over 2 years. I couldn't teach my bootybarre classes without your programs!

  9. Hope you get better soon Kelly. Take as long as you need. I for sure will be around. I have been working out with you guys for over a year now. I love your workout plans and you guys are such an inspiration. Take care of yourself you two. Sending positive vibes your way all the way from United Kingdom.

  10. You guys are awesome. Get some rest and take care of yourselves. You have helped me get through difficult health issues and I appreciate the two of you for that. Wishing you the best in this next stage in your lives. I will continue to use your videos and brag about them always. Take care.

  11. Hi Kelli & Daniel, my girlfriend Sara and I were very saddened to hear this news. Seeing you cry made us cry too. Even though we've never met, we know what wonderful people you are. Our feelings are with you.

    When we got up today we really didn't feel like working out, but after hearing your inspirational words we both put on our gym shoes and proceeded to the workout without question. You are definitely an inspiration regardless of how you do it. Thank you for all you've done, and continue to do, for us.

  12. I have interstitial cystitis, basically it always hurts to pee and my pelvic region kills most of the time. It's a pretty unknown disease so it can be incredibly hard based on that alone. Just not enough awareness for it.

    Hearing others open up about their chronic pain, who exercise on a regular basis, is inspiring.

    Thanks for all the work you guys do. You guys have more than enough of workout videos, take as many breaks as you want!

  13. Kelli, sending you lots of love and support. I'm so sorry to hear everything you're going through but know that we love you both and will patiently wait for whatever time you need to take. <3

  14. Keep on keeping on! I have used your workouts on an irregular basis and really enjoy them. I've struggled with fibromialga and chronic pain for 9 years (I'm 47 years old) and have struggled to maintain a level of mobility and fitness far less than I'm use to. Along the way I've battled depression and anxiety. Like you, I feel like I'm starting over. That's not a bad thing. With many prayers and support for my family I'm getting stronger. I know you can do it and am excited for you in this journey. It's a tough road… but I have a feeling you're tougher.

  15. Sending warm hugs your way. Stay strong stay focused….we will be here ready to receive you when you are healthy to return. You are the best online workout video EVER! Although I miss new videos…..your health and wellness is the most important! Can't wait for your return xoxo

  16. I have tons of pain and have lived with it for years and do my workouts regardless as I cannot imagine not being able to do these workouts. I truly appreciate all the things you have done for us all and it is through your encouragement I have got this far 5 years and counting. I wish you lots of luck and hope you can manage your pain. You are dearly loved and appreciated. Love you as always. Good luck

  17. Hi, guys! Your vids are too intense for me to do regularly, but y'all were some of the first vids I tried when I got into my YouTube fitness groove, so when this vid popped up on my feed, I watched. I'm so sorry to hear of your trials in this time, and I'm praying for you guys to find good doctors and effective treatments! <3

  18. I’m so happy to support these amazing people! It’s obvious Daniel just loves Kelli so much. Sending you guys all the best, and I’ll be here waiting whenever you’re ready!

  19. I think all of your viewers care about the personal stuff with you guys! Aw, kelli!!!! TAKE. A. BREAK! I admire you for being STRONG enough to show what’s going on with you. I appreciate you keeping us informed, & I love you all and will continue to support the channel! I really like using the website & Andrew on the forum. Wishing you the best!!

  20. So much respect for you guys. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability. I said to my wife this morning before starting one of your session (and seeing this video after my workout), that one of the things I appreciate the most about you two is that you are just real people. Not some fitness superstars. Just normal people passionate about health and fitness and helping us ordinary people get there too. Some of us have been in low spots in our lives too. You will get through it. Lots of love and prayers for you guys!

  21. You have been such a help for me in my life, for dealing with stress and pain. I hope you get better Kelly, I hope this time will be the break you need and you will get back on your feet stronger, healthier and happier than ever <3 love from Paris

  22. You guys have created an invaluable gift for so many. Thank you. I can’t count the number of times you have turned around a bad day and charged me with new confidence through one of your work outs, not to mention improved my health. You shouldn’t give a second thought to taking a “water break.” You have already created a huge library of videos to choose from. Kelli and Daniel, feel our appreciation and love as you go forth to fight the good fight, knowing we’ll be here when you return. My heart goes out to you Kelli. I see you are suffering, but I know you are strong, and you’ll come out of this with renewed energy and wisdom that will help you help others who face similar challenges. You are amazing that way. You have a rare gift for touching many lives through your videos. Thank you. Love to your both.

  23. Wow, you are a courageous duo. I just discovered this channel, and even my kids like it, it's wonderful. I love having so many workouts to choose from, I love how you talk everyone through details, and also I appreciate that you leave choice of music up to the audience, lol. Thanks for what you have done and are doing! You have so much stuff out there already I don't think I would have noticed you were taking a break, but it's awesome to be able to connect with you and feel the you're real people who care so much. 🙂 Rest assured that your audience cares about you too. I hope all goes well for you, no rush, and we'll continue to enjoy your channel in the meantime!

  24. Thank you so much for being honest about what you are going through. It just shows us that you are real human beings. This is just how life is – things happen, we face roadblocks and they will set us back. I never knew how stress can affect the mind and body until it happened to me. Last year, I was suffering from stress-related pain that forced me to take a break from FB. I don't feel as good about my body now as I did when I was working out with you guys 5 days/week. That doesn't discourage me though, because I know I can get there again with some persistence and your encouragement in your videos and blog posts.
    You can and you will get through this Kelli! You have a fantastic supportive team – just look at all these lovely comments!

  25. Literally shedding tears for your pain, Kelli but I'm confident that you'll be better than ever! You've helped millions (including me) and that positive healing energy is coming back your way. Love you guys!!! Healing, light, energy heading your way.

  26. You’ve truly touched my life and made me love exercising again. I know how horrible chronic pain and injuries are firsthand. Wishing you all the best in healing quickly and sending all the good vibes your way. Take all the time you need because we will all still be here when you return. Thanks for changing my life for the better ❤️

  27. Kelli, you are not the problem. Over the past many years, you and Daniel have offered solutions for so many people looking to get healthy. Life has a way of throwing us obstacles and roadblocks along the way…believe me…I know from personal experience. When I was the fittest I'd ever been, life threw me a major roadblock and I ended up having heart surgery. Your videos helped me get back on track For that I thank you. You already have the tools (support of family and friends, a fit body, an awesome personality) available to you to help you get through this.
    I have been following you guys since your early days and you are always so helpful, unselfish, and motivating. You deserve a break. Now is the time to scale back and take care of yourself, get healthy, and recharge.
    You and Daniel gave us hundresds of videos. We will be fine in the interim. Thank you. God bless.

  28. Take as much time as you two need! You guys have changed my life so much that I love HIIT rn and ain't stopping until I sweat like a shower head. (I used to be a kid with VSD and hate exercising btw lol my VSD ain't gonna go away but I'm a lot stronger than before). Stay strong! My body is ready for your new videos in the future haha

  29. Kelly thank you for sharing this with us. Hope that you get well soon and just remember that you can do it! you have our support. I am using your videos to build strenghts and get over with stress.

  30. I truly wish you the best recover Kelli. You are an inspiration just by moving forward like you do. Fitnessblender was a miracle to me. I have autism (so I can't bear gyms) and I didn't like any fitness youtube channel I saw. But then I find Fb my life changed. I was always overweight and didn't care for my health and body. Now I feel healthy as I never felt before. And that was thanks to you both. Thank you <3

  31. Get well soon, Kelli. You guys have inspired tens of thousands from across the world for years, and I am proud to be one among them. Having not been fit since my childhood, I was reeling under low self-confidence and it was you guys who gave me the courage and hope to get on with my fitness journey. Please do count on all our love and support, and take good care of yourselves!

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