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Fast, Healthy, and Plant Based Weekend Recipes/Meals | Genelle

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Hey babes, here are easy recipes that I follow every week when I’m running around or have a busy schedule! It’s planet based, healthy, and fast! like/subscribe for more!

My veggie, non GMO, Organic, VEGAN meals –

DISCLOSURE*** The honey that I use is honey just 15 mins north from me here in California. In some ‘vegan’ conditions local honey consumption is ‘ok’!
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  1. Am I the only one who caught the underteet lol? Just me? No one else? Don't get me wrong, you have a great body and all, boobs included, but I was a little taken aback watching this at work. Maybe I'll just get back to work LOL

  2. hello, thank you for the video! I live in Turkey so I was wondering If I can get the smoothies or is it just for America?

  3. hey girl just a heads up, "almond cheese", is not dairy free, it's a b.s. trick, they put it in the vegan cheese section… I made pizza out of it like 3 times before I read the ingredients list while waiting in line one time….

  4. OMG that almond cheese has fooled me before. check the back, it is NOT VEGAN!!! its just like a healthy cheese w/o lactose but still has milk protein in it

  5. Terrific movie! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we like to come across this form of content. We make Travel & Food shows too, throughout the planet, and we are always interested in inspirations and ideas. Thank You.

  6. Love ya genelle
    Loved your what I eat in a day video's
    Your the best youtuber
    This video was so inspiring
    More videos like these please

  7. I think that brand of almond cheese might still have dairy in it! It’s lactose free but not completely dairy free! I’d just read the label! 🙂

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