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Episode 79 | Fresh and Hopeful Perspective on Menopause | Evelyn DeDominicis | Fitlandia Podcast

Today’s guest is Evelyn DeDominicis and we are talking all about ways to rewire hormones through functional nutrition. Evelyn is a functional nutritionist and is offering ways to support women during menopause.

Menopause is something that all women experience but is sometimes a terrifying change! So what is this fresh perspective? Evelyn explains that she just turned 50 and that she has been menopausal (your period has stopped for a full year) for about two years now. The new perspective is that it is simply a hormonal rewiring.

Her perspective is so refreshing…like it is a rite of passage!
There is definitely a stigma in this country about getting older and about menopause in general but understanding it is the key. It’s coming into who you are and learning to speak your truth.

With the decline of estrogen and progesterone can have an effect on many things…including our gut. This causes a lower stress tolerance and sometimes even digestive functions. So yes, learning to speak your truth is happening in your body, too!

And this matters in all parts of your life…including your food and body. Take the wheel of life, you have your diet, exercise, movement, finances, relationships, spiritual, stillness, community and more…that’s a lot to balance but simply recognizing when something is OUT of balance is what it takes to know when it is time to make a change.

Embrace the journey, role with the punches, and find a state of grace in the changes of life. Spread some lightness in this world and it will ultimately reflect on you as well. Accept the support you need from those around you and it will all seem easier.

Bonus Mantra: “I have all the fat in my fat cells to keep me going!”
All About Mindset: what are your thought processes and why? SO important.

If you love what you are hearing from Evelyn be sure to go and listen to her tips and wonderful information on her refreshing views on menopause.


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