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Eating For Life: The Last Diet Guide You’ll Ever Need!

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  1. Can you please recommend some fitness regime which will help me to run full marathon. I have run 10k and eagerly wishes to run 42k by next year

  2. Going to check it out coach! I don't diet I just eat clean 80%/ 20. Has worked for me for the past 5 years! Also practice the 16/8 fast.Thanks for all your hard work! You guys are the dynamic duo!

  3. I love this! I've tried so many fad diets and they always leave me feeling deprived so I end up giving up and eating every unhealthy thing I craved while dieting. So obviously I always gained back the little but of weight I lost plus a lot more.

  4. My Goodness ! Thank you very much, Mr. & Mrs. HASfit ! " BRILANT "
    I love the notion, you broke it down to keep it simple, I love you guy's and
    love your wisdom !!

  5. Claudia! Coach! Love this, I love food, who doesn't right? I have a much healthier relationshop with food and would love this book. Quick question… would this book ever be available to get, like a physical book? And ebook, will I be able to see it on my Nook? Thanks.

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