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Coffee Chat With K&K Vlog ~ Tinder For Fitness Girls?!

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Good morning gorgeous! Today we’re talking about something very special to us ~ how to make new girlfriends!

We became friends before there was social media… back in the day haha 😂 Karena and I met at a time when we both really needed a good girlfriend. I had just moved from Boston to California and Karena recently went through a breakup. I was asking Brian for opinions on my outfits and he was like, babe…you really need a girlfriend 🙈

Most of you know this story by now…Karena and I met at the gym on a Friday and I took a chance and introduced myself! Our biggest piece of advice to meet new girlfriends is to put yourself out there! You never know where something will lead so take a chance and say YES! It could change your life 💫

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  1. Hey babes!! We love chatting with you and seeing you connect with each other! Come work out with us in Studio Tone It Up at and you can meet so many new babes and chat before and after class! See ya there! xxo, K&K

  2. I love you guys! I workout with you guys daily. I'm actually going through a break up myself and I need mom friends that I can workout with! These 3 have been inspiring me for a long time.

  3. Is the chat on the app only for the iPhone? Or is that available for android? Any chance we could get a features list to know the differences??

  4. I love this! As an introvert I feel like sometimes it can be deemed a bad thing but there's nothing wrong with it and love what you say about putting yourself in more situations where you feel outta your comfort zone! Much love <3 <3

  5. I am an introverted extrovert. Sounds weird, but I'm not shy, I'm outgoing and I like to talk to people, but I prefer to be alone. I don't like getting close to people. Whenever I meet someone and they want to make plans, I immediately start getting anxiety and try to make my way out of the plans. I hate that I'm that way because I feel like I could have a lot of really awesome girlfriends. Maybe it's because we travel cross country for work and the people I meet come and go. Anyways thanks for this advice. I really need to start saying "yes" and actually get excited vs getting anxiety.

  6. Love you girls and love this community we have all built together! <3
    On a side note: Does anyone happen to know the new intro song for their videos? Love it!

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