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Coffee Chat With K&K ~ How We Got Into Fitness and Created Tone It Up!

Hi girls! Check out for a NEW Coffee Chat we filmed for you! We’re talking all about how we got into fitness and started Tone It Up. We get this question all the time so we’re diving into it from the very beginning!

We both fell in love with fitness from a young age and then had very different paths, but they both led us to each other and to YOU! Everything led us here, to meeting each other, to creating Tone It Up, and to sharing this beautiful community with you! It was fitness destiny ✨

And join us at for your new Love Your Body Series! We’ll have brand new workouts every week, plus tons of nutrition advice, coffee chats, mindful meditations, and motivation to love your body, mind, and soul!

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  1. Love hearing these backstories and how y’all have powered through struggles and came out stronger, healthier, and more triumphant.

  2. It's crazy I love you guys and how positive and motivating you guys are. I love that you guys come from different backgrounds, and grew up with completely different bodies and now you both are lean and healthy.

  3. WINNIE omg so cute the whole time. This is a great video though. I love hearing you guys just sit down and tell us stories and about yourselves. That's what makes this community so special is that you let us get to know who you are. Please keep making videos like this 🙂

  4. I'm over here in tears ladies! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! Someone asked me why I've stuck with TIU and its truly because of the authentic, kind, caring souls that are Karena and Katrina! That radiates throughout the community! So thankful that you are doing what you truly love!

  5. Watching this is a walk on the treadmill and I probably look crazy cuz I'm smiling ear to ear listening to you two

  6. I literally found out about you girls like 3 days before the New Year's DETOX!  What, was I living under a rock!!!! You are both EXACTLY what I needed and I can't believe you were so close.  I love the positivity!  My neighborhood bestie and I have been getting together in the evenings to do our Toning Moves on the App and sample each other's healthy cooking!!! We are trying new things and motivating each other while you motivate us too!  THANK YOU!!!!! I can't wait to see where this journey takes us!  #WheelingWestVirginiaTIU

  7. hahahaha Katrina has me in stitches with the parking lot reenactment. love you girls! your story and attitudes are so inspiring 🙂

  8. omg – please find/post some of your old cooking youtube vids! these stories are so cute and inspiring. thanks for posting! <3

  9. So hard to pay attention to what Katrina is saying when Winni is being adorable just sleeping on her. He is so cute

  10. OMG in my gym class in eighth grade my gym teacher he had all different stations for that day's class. With hula hoops and we also had bars in my grade schools gym for guys to do pull-ups. When I got to that station I was so incredibly weak I could not pull myself up. But I finally got the hang of doing a Hula Hoop that year haha.

  11. Gosh I relate to Katrina so much except in eighth grade when I started working out my appetite went down the drain I weighted 115 in grade school and I am 5'7 so I looked like death. I loved that weight but when your doctor is worried about you then you know it's bad. I was super skinny in eighth grade. that is why I am so happy that I am letting you girls take over my nutrition and help improve my eating habits that is the only thing i have not conqured yet with health. Mainly because your nutrition plan is too expensive so I am using the recipes from the detox and the love your body starter pack.

  12. Awww loved this! I've been a TIUgirl and member since early 2014, so although I've heard these memories before, there's always a new and special detail I didn't know. I love you girls so much! Your story is so inspiring to other women with career dreams! I love watching old episodes of Toned Up for those humbler beginnings, and it's amazing to see how far you've come. I wish I could help you grow even more!! Proud of you, and so proud to be a tiugirl! xoxo, –Neha (NehaBeauty)

  13. Thank you for being so honest and open with your story. I just got laid off of my full time job a week ago and I saw this as an opportunity to re-start up my passion for sharing the love of living a healthy lifestyle through YouTube and Instagram… this was the inspiration I needed today! I have so much love for you girls and I'm very grateful for your love and passion for the community! XOXO

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