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Cleaning Morning Routine & Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe | NIK + MATT 53

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  1. I use vitamin E oil at night and mix it in with my moisturizer!! its the best, my skin is never dry anymore.

  2. I love making my own chicken salad sandwich and tuna with chickpeas on tostadas. This 2 are definitely my go to foods.

  3. Nick were did you buy your spiralina(excuse me if I spelled it wrong) from ? Does it contain protein?

  4. Ok do you really think this smoothie is tasty ? it sounds so … well healthy for sure, but not appetizing at all, more like a salad to be honest haha!

  5. Girl good ole vitamin e capsules popped and used on the under eyes are the besssttttt moisturizer amd brightener!!!

  6. Never thought of putting oil in my smoothie. Seeing you use the hemp oil gave me the idea of using my fish oil because I hate the taste of it.

  7. I love your video's, you have such great meal idea's. I love your editing. xo. I LOVE vampire diaries! Pesto chicken..yummo. Paella..if was easier to make..are simpler way of making it.

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