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Can You Out Exercise A Bad Diet?

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  1. this slut just beggs to be raped :>

    allahu akhbar!

    btw. I am since two years on keto and was never stronger and looked better, so fuck you retarded vegans.

    go vegan and die!

  2. you should not be putting out this misinformation, there is enough out there with out you putting more out , where did you receive your physiology and nutritional training and education?

  3. You need to do some research.
    Olympic athletes like Phelps ate 1000s of cals from McDonald's.
    There is a female ultra marathoner that eats nothing but crap food and killed the men and women in her last race by almost 24hrs.
    It actually is just a matter of cals in v cals burned.. there may be a phsycolagical benefit if you believe you perform better on clean food then you very well might. However I have experimented with almost every diet and have found your conclusions to be totally wrong.
    Sorry for being a troll but all this diet stuff is just opinions without any true testing of these statements.

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