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  1. Hi Scooby !
    Any thoughts about normal weight obesity or the so called "skinny fat" ?? how to deal with this ??
    Thanx !

  2. Hey Scooby, long time subscriber here. Interested in what your thoughts are on smoothies with blended fruits (strawberry, kiwi, etc..). Is the sugar content dangerous? There seems to be mixed messages on this topic everywhere I look.

  3. If those meals helped you to look like you do in thoe poses on the left side of the screen, sign me up. You look incredibly buff.

  4. I'm never going to lose weight. I'm a fat miserable slob and my only joy in this shitty life is eating. I don't know why I even bother watching Scooby anymore. I did okay once like five years ago and was not morbidly obese for like a month, then I started feeling empty again ( in my heart and soul, not just my stomach ) and it was back to bad fats, excess carbs and sugars.

  5. Hey Scooby! Pretty new to this whole scene. As a relatively skinny guy, how much weight should I aim to put on! Thanks 🙂

  6. Scooby, even though there are lots of videos of how to correct bad posture, I would love to know your opinion and which exercises should we do to fix it. Cheers

  7. LOL, you can cut glass with those nipples. I was the same way when on Test, lol. I felt like Jennifer Aniston in the gym, haha

  8. Free Range Organic Hell by Anabolic Amaranth

    Expecting free range organic, small scale animal agriculture to take over factory farming's role in animal protein production would be like expecting William Bonac to win the Arnold Classic next year without steroids. Industrial factory farming is a metaphorical body builder on steroids. Both are extremely efficient at growing massive amounts of flesh, albeit at a high cost. In the case of the steroid user, the cost is borne by the individual and in the animal production case, the price is borne by the entire planet.

    The current world output of animal protein is produced by a lineup of 20 billion chickens, 1.4 billion cows and a couple billion pigs. The vast majority is factory raised. Since free range organic is a more natural method with less output, far greater numbers of animals will be required to meet our animal protein demands. The number of cows might have to go to 2.5 billion. Cows are prolific methane making machines, especially the grass fed variety. Converting to free range organic animal agriculture is a great way to turn this planet into venus.

  9. I found out chili is an amazing high protein low calorie filling option. Just don't add meat or extra fats.

  10. I found a x large pepperoni pizza that's not cut and left for me to cut the slices at home to be awesome! trust me it works!

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