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  1. According to all the results I found, I'm supposed to multiply my body weight (170 lbs) by 14 and 17 to get my caloric intake range for maintenance, which would be about 2300-2800 calories just to maintain my current weight and muscle. This sounds really high! I'm currently lean and where I want to be, but want to add some muscle back on that I lost while cutting a little too quickly. Do I really need to consume over 2800 calories per day to add muscle? Again, this seems really high. I'm worried my gut will return even with lifting and doing cardio regularly.

  2. Scooby, what do you think of drinking black coffee as a hunger suppressor when cutting? Im currently at a 20% deficit with no more than 2000 cal/day and still lifting so very hungry

  3. Hey Scooby. What do u do if you dont know your body fat percentage. Does it matter for the bulk? Do you just judge your progress in the mirror? Thanks for the great app.

  4. Enough protein + enough carbs (from natural food sources and not processed junk foods)= That's all it takes. If a diet takes you towards excessive fat gain that will negatively impact your testosterone and energy levels and will take away from your muscle building abilities.

  5. Scooby, this is off topic, but what do you think of Tesla cars? Would you consider buying one in the future?

  6. So I'll gain fat while going through this bulking process?? That's the exact opposite of what I'm trying to do. I'm overweight enough as is! Eating over 3000 calories a day is going to make an even bigger mess. Is there no other option?

  7. Hey. I'm 14, 183cm tall (6'0 foot) and 77kg (170 pounds). My exams end in 5 days and I will start going to the gym with a couple friends after. I want to loose some weight. I consider myself average weight. I'm not slim and my upper body looks a little like a V but I would still like to loose weight and gain some muscle. Is it healthy at my age? I'm looking to loose 5-6 kg in 3 months and maybe gain a little muscle mass (just so I don't look skinny). So, anyways, is it bad for my health?

  8. Id consider myself an experienced lifter (5+ years training + personal trainer), bit i find its always good to revert back to basics with videos like these. Great, informative video Scooby, keep doing you my friend!

  9. Thank you so so so much for sharing this point of view. Me and my girlfriend thought we needed to eat big to get big and we ended up just getting fat haha

    Rich piana is entertaining for me to watch but it seems to me his advice wouldn't work unless I was on steroids ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Way to bring the gnome back scooby! It had been a while! So recently (last year) I dropped about 20 lbs by doing low carb, high cardio (running 2 miles every other day with light weights in between) and got to 199. After, I started hitting the gym and doing weights (3-4 times a week) and less cardio (1-2 times a week). I've seen improvements in muscle mass, and my waist has stayed the same (no fat increase) and I've gained about 10 lbs (presumably muscle). However, now I would really like to get rid of the last bit of body fat, but whenever I cut I seem to lose muscle mass as well. What is the perfect balance? Sorry for the long winded question! PS-still utilizing your custom meal planner, scooby hash has become the fav!

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