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Atta Biscuits in Idli Stand | Whole Wheat Biscuits in Cooker| Biscuit Recipe by Healthy Kadai

See how to make healthy atta biscuits in cooker using idli stand. Learn to prepare whole wheat biscuits without oven, without microwave or Airfryer. Biscuits in cooker are easy to make and are crisp and tasty. Written recipe at

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  1. Marvelous job, well done for the efforts. I think this is what I am searching for, i.e. something made out of Wheat flour, and guess what; I have got it. Thanks for sharing this great video. Good luck for your future endeavors.

  2. time wasting recipe mixture thik hua nahi sirf ghee dalnesehi wo bahut patala Ho gaya aisa kyu hua sabhi to sahi matra mai dala tha 1cup atta 1/2 cup ghee 1/2 cup dudh please reply m

  3. Wow very simple & quick, I saw that you kept only few cookies in idli stand, is there any option to keep more cookies? Can we keep 2 cookies together?

  4. Wow…I am gonna try this today….I was searching for healthy biscuits for my baby without baking powerd or soda….I will replace sugar with palm jaggery…thanks

  5. Nothing has happened… its been almost 50 minutes now.. but only bottom cookies burnt… n rest are as it is…..

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