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Advice to BALANCE Your Social Life + Fitness | with Denise Austin | National WINE DAY

Helllllo beautiful peeps and HAPPY National Wine Day this Friday!!
Woohoooo, to honor the great day honoring wine, my mama and I are having a glass of red, while discussing how to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.
Meaning what? We want each and every one of you to have it ALL. Not meaning have everything in the world, but basically be the best you can be- while accomplishing the things you want/need. The term “ALL” completely depends on you as a person. Having it “all” for me, is probably super different from your goals. BUT~ something that probably stays the same, is that we want to be successful, have a social life, and try to balance that with staying healthy. And let’s be real, all of that can be insanely hard. So my mom, Denise Austin, and I share those tips. My mom is probably the number 1 example for all of this. I mean, damn, she started an empire, raised kids, cooked us a meal and packed our lunches every day, lived her life to the fullest with her friends, kept her loving relationship with my dad, and BOOM is fit af. SOOOOO… on that note- enjoy the video!!!!
xx Katie


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  1. I always enjoy your videos, and especially when Denise is there with you. I would like to add that , , as a father of 3 kids & a married man of 37 years to the same beautiful lady , there is a difference in the drinking of adult beverages. A beautiful young un-married lady should know what the guys want, and wine helps. advice > 1 glass & small sips. A beautiful married lady could perhaps drink more , knowing what the night may bring in terms of mutual enjoyment. the key is to not let the husband drink too much, as we all know this leads to a 'limpness' of the manly appendage. I'd also add that people that drink wine with their meals have a tolerance to the effects of drinking. . just mho 🙂

  2. Love the positivity you guys put out together ❤️❤️❤️ I used to watch Denise in my 20s every morning shes ageless !!

  3. I was just wondering how Denise Austin is doing these days and I found your channel! When I was growing up, I loved doing the workouts that aired in the early mornings on Lifetime 🙂

  4. I drink 3 glassies of wine a day love wine and being healthy my doctor recommended it for me because of stress and anxiety and depression as will to kill any harmful bacteria in my body he found that is doing the trick with wine hopefully I live

  5. Denise you look amazing!! So good to see you and Katie enjoying yourselves, together.

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