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A New Years weight loss resolution that actually works!

pea soup recipe:

Lentil soup recipe:

Two bean chili recipe:

Alyssa on the thumbnail for this video is a former scoobysworkshop success stories winner and an awesome personal trainer! You can contact her at

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  1. I know that many of you are in really good shape BUT many of you have friends and family who have tried repeatedly to lose weight and failed. PLEASE give them this link!  You have always wondered how to help others lose weight, THIS IS HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM!  If its a family member or roommate, consider offering to help out with the batch cooking and do this free program with them!

  2. awesome scooby, I got of track over the holidays and this is exactly what I needed to get things headed in the right direction.

  3. Hey people I need your opinion on this. I am currently cutting right now and I want to lose body fat and maintain muscle mass. My current maintenance is 3000 calories and I want to follow this plan:
    Week 1: 2500 calories
    Week 2: 2400 calories
    Week 3: 2300 calories
    Week 4: 2200 calories
    Week 5: 2100 calories
    Week 6: 2000 calories
    Week 7: 1900 calories
    Week 8: 1800 calories
    Week 9: 1700 calories
    Week 10: 1600 calories
    Week 11: 1500 calories
    Week 12: 1400 calories

    Is this is a dumb idea?

  4. I've been following you for years Scooby. You've finally convinced me that what I need is a good meal plan. RHamptonCISSP

  5. Hey Scooby. Great idea trying to do this to help people to lose their weight. Just too complicated for me to try and set it up. I set up a new account and tried to follow the instructions. Be good if I could eat eggs but I'm allergic and I can't change the plan unless I upgrade and I can't afford to pay for a plan. Great for those who can. Hope it helps others. I will have to try something else.

  6. I don't know if I am ready to start this new diet yet (I think I am doing decent on my own), but that ADD TO AMAZON thing is just amazing (the Create Shopping list is great on its own) but
    the add to Amazon, I mean, come on, that's a god send. As you mention, now all you gotta do is go buy perishables, wow. It's like your saying "Now there is no excuse to not get in shape, let alone lose weight! NOW is the time" . Great tutotial from a sweet big man. Thanks Scooby.

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