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A Day of Sadness and Stuff | My First Costco Haul, FabFItFun Unboxing, and Saying Goodbye

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  1. One of my friends posted a picture of cauliflower crust pizza from Costco!!! It looked so good!!!

  2. Kirkland protein bars are the bomb! their cookie dough is my favorite…microwave for 10 seconds and it tastes like a warm chocolate chip cookie. 😉

  3. Costco – Don Lee Farms Veggie Patties (my husband's favorite), organic fruits and veggies, Kirkland organic tortilla chips, their roasted chicken, Caveman bars (with protein bars), free range eggs, Kirkland organic peanut butter, Align probiotics esp when on sale.

  4. I'm so sorry – my heart goes out to you and your family. Please know all of you are in my thoughts today.

  5. Living on a Dime has a video outlining you don't really save at costco when comparing things by weight and sales at Walmart, Kroger, etc but they do have some items unique to them and if you want to buy in bulk for familes.

  6. ❤️ Costco!! I also did the costco Groupon too and went through Ebates to get 6% cash back!
    Cant wait to get there tomorrow!
    So sorry about your dog, my prayers go out to you & your family.

  7. I am so sorry about your dog. I dread this day, my dog is 15.(golden retriever). Know God has a plan for him. All dogs go to heaven. They are young again, healthy and pain free and able to run wild and free. He will be waiting for you, for when its your time.

    That was quite a costco haul. I loved Costco when I lived at home(I am from Mass originally). There isn't one close by here, or I would have picked up that groupon too. It really was a good deal.

  8. Sorry, for your loss. I had to do that 6 years ago. They are always part of the family. Praying for all of you.

  9. Thinking about you and the loss of your pup. They bring us such joy, but has such short lives. Heartbreaking 🙁

  10. Praying for you today. I’m so sorry about Rudy. Dogs give such unconditional love and leave a huge hole when they’re gone. Hugs!

  11. I love your lip colour! Your meals looked yummy! Protein chips?! Shut the front door! I love watching people open their FFF boxes!

  12. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, not far from you I think, and my Costco membership is worth it just for gas alone. It’s usually at least .10¢ cheaper than anywhere else, and usually more like .20¢ less. If you find RX bars by yours please shout it out. I have yet to find them at the Oak Brook or Orland Park ones.

  13. I would much rather support Costco than Sam's Club. Costco treats their employees SO WELL and Sam's Club really doesn't. Gotta vote with our dollars!

  14. I agree, Sam’s club seems cheaper for the things I like to buy. I’ve let my Costco membership expire, but I must say, I liked their meat better than Sam’s…not sure if I can justify having both memberships though.

  15. I just saw this and I'm so sorry. My grand dog died Wednesday while we were out of state on vacation. He was 15 years old and such a sweet dog. We will miss him so much. Our dogs are family and the grief is real. I share in your sadness.

  16. So sorry for the loss of a beloved pet. Had to put my dog and cat to sleep a couple years ago. My aunt just had to put her dog to sleep yesterday. They love us with their whole hearts, and they take our love with them when they go.

  17. I too had a Costco membership, we had a new Costco go in last fall, so I had to check it out & compare to Sam's. I've had a Sam's membership for years. I keep a price book of the items I use so I know if I'm getting a good deal. Alas, I found out that there was only a couple things that I would buy from Costco & their prices were higher than Sam's. I cancelled my Costco membership after only a few months after getting it. So sorry to hear about your dog. I've been in your shoes, we had 2 fur baby for 14 years before they left us.

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