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8 CHEAP and EASY Ways to LOSE WEIGHT & Eat Healthy ON A BUDGET| Little Things That Get BIG Results

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  1. I have been thinking about dehydrating foods. I am not vegan but I wanted to know before I invest can you do a video about why you would or not dehydrate food?

  2. So I would like your advice on dark spots on my back and even leading my shoulder. I am so self conscious that people are looking at my back and I’m scared to wear a tank top or anything that shows my shoulders. I can’t seem to find a video that can help me fix this problem.

  3. Thank you for the workout playlist! I think we should all share our workout playlists for inspiration and motivation. Please check out my 2017 Playlist too. Thank you for this. I love listening to you for motivation for maintenance!!! Happy New Year!!

  4. Great tips!!!!! Love your video. Thanks for keeping it real because I totally agree about frozen vegetables. They are a great option because I hate to waste money and sometimes my fresh items go bad before I have a chance to use them. Another great tip is if you buy certain vegetables and you feel that they may go bad, just cut them up and freeze them yourself.

  5. Hey Nina. Thanks and wishing you most success. Friends who are careless with their diet and want you to eat like they do. Is my topic.

  6. Thanks for the information. Some tips I have include utilizing your local library to check out books to help get started as well as DVD exercises videos just by using your library card. I also have access to a free gym in the building where I work provided through my job and check for free are low cost community or recreation centers where membership would be free or for asmall fee for family. Don't forget check your health insurance benefits. Many provide gym membership or healthy classes free like Kaiser or for a small fee. I also cooked my own food. These things made a big difference for me.

  7. You are such a beautiful spirit
    . you are a complete blessing! Thank you for your realness and your information. God Bless You!

  8. I used to watch your videos years ago to stay motivated in life. Eventually I became bitter/jealous of your success even though you help fuel my drive to accomplish my goals so I stopped watching you. After a while I became complacent in accepting the bare minimum of what I've been able to achieve and I'm found that I've let myself down. My envious heart and mind was only detrimental in the end. I'm now returning now realizing that some people have a God given light, and that's you. Thank you for shining on so many people even when you don't have to. Thank you Dr. Nina for showing me that anything is possible and that radiating positivity is the only way to live life to the fullest.

  9. Girl, I love, love, love, love, love you and your channel, first of all love the hair, your content and energy is always on point!  I've been following you for I think about four years (or maybe even longer), practicing many of your hair care tips and motivations. Thanks for what you do I'm so thrilled and proud of seeing your progress over the years. You are Amazing!! Please stay encouraged and keep being Great! Also Love seeing you and "Bae" in your vids, you guys are so lovely together! Thanks for all the good information you produce!

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