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5 Workout & Nutrition Mistakes Sabotaging Your GAINS! (SLOW OR ZERO GROWTH!)

We all learn by making mistakes, especially me. In fact, I believe I’m a better trainer today because I’m willing to listen and expand my knowledge base by listening to other trainers and even comments from you guys. So if I am ever out of line… feel free to DROP THE HAMMER!! haha







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5 Workout & Nutrition Mistakes Sabotaging Your GAINS! (SLOW OR ZERO GROWTH!)

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  1. Did you all notice the video is 9 minutes and 58 seconds? That's because pushing ads in 10 minute videos will happen from time to time, but isn't a priority. <3

    We all learn by making mistakes, especially me. In fact, I believe I'm a better trainer today because I'm willing to listen and expand my knowledge base by listening to other trainers and even comments from you guys. So if I am ever out of line… feel free to DROP THE HAMMER!! haha FULL WORKOUT PROGRAMS! –

  2. Hey Scott do you think that 5 mins between each exercise is too long to rest? I'm trying to reduce my time in the gym but I don't want the quality of my reps to suffer.

  3. I live in Northern Virginia and I am a delivery driver what foods do you suggest I should be eating I usually around 5 to 6 p.m. in the evening

  4. Hi bro, I talked about you in my Small YouTuber Tag 15 questions a few days ago!
    I think you gave a clue to a great question: at almost 44yo and 28 years of lifting weights (take a look at my physique on my channel), do you call that a plateau or just that I just reached my genetic limits and progress has slowed down dramatically?

  5. The 2 to 3 exercises per muscle group makes sense for smaller muscles like chest, shoulders, tris etc but what about
    back and legs? It's such a big area, would 2 to 3 exercises still be sufficient?

  6. Great advice. I think your videos cater towards slightly different goals than Jeff's, it's good to be able to take information from a few good sources & use for my own goals.

  7. Dude you're so awesome! I follow you and athleanx as you guys are the best. I went from being a good 228 pounds or a good 30% fat maybe up to 38% (let myself go) to a good 195 pounds which is like 20% body fat. I know you don't recommend it but I trained for 4 hours everyday man cause it made me feel good. Now I feel good and look a lot better lol. I might just buy myself a saiyan shirt now.

  8. What about training fasted, especially in the early morning? Have you experimented with that, and if so what was the difference from having a pre-workout meal?

  9. Oiii, how about full body workout? I am taking 2h Workout/3x a week. Thanks Man!
    Edit: …and 60sec rest between sets. 馃檪

  10. totally interested in some keto nutrion advice. I'd love you to come up with an easy meal plan for it…

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  12. Scott, since you mentioned nutrition, I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. It may not be worth much, but at the age of 68, ALL of my blood test scores are in the ideal range, I have no risk for developing any preventable chronic diseases, including cognitive decline, and I have seen the evolution of the fitness industry since I began working out in 1969. It's sad to continue to witness, after almost 50 years of working out, men and women busting their butts trying to treadmill or elliptical off eating a bad diet. I can regularly outperform many younger guys in core strength exercises. At 68, I have no delusions about trying to out-muscle them as mass and quality definitely diminish with age–although that can be mitigated.
    But this is not about me. It's about your future posts regarding nutrition. I hope you will include that variety, moderation and wholeness should be factors in selecting which foods to eat, while also cautioning against high intakes of unhealthy saturated fats, added salts and sugars. I also hope you can let your viewers know that while there are, typically, "no bad foods," overconsumption of less healthy foods and underconsumption of foods that provide greater health benefits can result in severe health consequences, the least of which is obesity. I also hope you will emphasize that there is no specific, perfect diet for improving fitness. As I just mentioned, DIET, I also hope that you let your viewers know that short term specifics can work to reach a fitness target; but, a diet is not something a person chooses to get long-term results. A diet is what a species eats to live. For example, a gorilla's diet is leaves, seeds and stems and 3%–termites and caterpillars. For humans, a healthy diet is a lifelong eating pattern, not something you go on.
    BTW, you are the only fitness enthusiast on YouTube that I follow. I like your personal successes and your common sense advice. Best, Rick

  13. I've watched every single video of Scott, now i feel genius, my muscles are expanding by the moment, my glutes dont fit in my pants, i've destroyed every t-shirt i have and I've got a 100 Girls on the beach. Thank You Scott, you're the man!!

  14. I've been going to the gym last few weeks. I do part time work 5-30am – 10am and I go straight to the gym after work and start trading around 10-45. I've been having porridge for breakfast at 5-30am every morning but been going to gym without anymore food. So should I eat say a full tin of rice pudding around 9-30am before my work out then?
    I also do alot of walking. About 2 hours on average a day.will this also stop me building muscle and putting on weight? Thanks

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