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5 Ways to Lose Weight without Exercise or Diet

Here are 5 ways to lose weight without exercise or diet that will shock you! Click here for the easiest method to try aversion therapy, the results will be amazing.

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This video will help you lose weight without diet or exercise if you follow these easy tips. Maybe you have had an injury, maybe you can’t afford to eat healthier but you still want to lose weight, or maybe you are simply addicted to unhealthy foods. Whatever your concerns are this video will help you.

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  1. I am really sick I have a cold and I'm losing my voice. I've been like this for a week and gained so much. Is it possible to lose weight while your sick and if so could you make a video

  2. I need to lose weight and this video helped a lot because i weight 120 and im only 10 and my thighs are big not that big but big.

  3. Just a suggestion: could you do a video on how to stop night time cravings? Bc thats a weakness for me. Sometimes i binge really bad and feel like shit afterwards and sometimes i cry myself to sleep the cravings are so bad. Helpppp

  4. Thank you soooooo much please keep on making these videos a lot they really have helped me lose weight

  5. hypnosis scares me. I think I would like to try the website that would help me not crave unhealthy foods. That's something I never even thought about

  6. Why don’t I always have this much energy and enthusiasm every day? ❤️❤️ love your videos, really helpful!!

  7. Keli, I’ve been trying to loose weight for a long time. I’m 15 years old and I’m self conscious at school, but I’ve been watching your videos and taking your tips and trying them in real life. It’s been almost a month and I’ve lost 9 pounds. thanks for everything and I’m so grateful

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