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5 Incredible Reasons To Eat Cranberries Every Day

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When we think of healthy fruits to add to our diet, we often think of fruits such as blueberries, bananas, strawberries and apples. These are certainly very healthy and make good additions to almost any diet. There is good reasons however to add cranberries to this list, as they are incredibly nutritious and offer many different and unique health benefits for those who consume them. In fact, cranberries contain on of the highest amounts of antioxidants when compared to other fruits. They are also great sources of power antioxidants and phytonutrients called anthocyanins and quercetin. Lets discuss some of the amazing health benefits of consuming cranberries.

1. First, cranberries are well known for decreasing inflammation throughout the entire body and work as a great natural anti-inflammatory. This is often attributed to their high concentration of inflammation fighting antioxidants. These antioxidants in cranberries can help to eliminate free radicals in the body and prevent damage caused by them. As well, they can also help to remove toxins and promote the proper functioning of our bodily organs.

2. Studies have also demonstrated that cranberries are effective in both preventing and treating urinary tract infections. This is because cranberries contain compounds and components that help to keep unwanted and harmful bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract wall. These important compounds are known as proanthocyanidins, which not only prevent bacteria from binding to the walls of the urinary tract and bladder, but also prevent bacteria from multiplying. They can also be beneficial in the elimination of this bacteria through urination. Benzoic acid, which is found in cranberries, also has powerful antiseptic properties and can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. For these benefits you can drink a glass of cranberry juice or consume a handful of cranberries regularly.

3. They can also help in the prevention of some types of cancer and promote our overall health. Due to their unique array of antioxidants and their ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body, they can help lower the risk of some types of cancer. The antioxidants found in cranberries fight free radicals which can cause damage to our cells DNA. Also, they contain a high amount of antioxidant flavonoids which are beneficial in preventing a number of different diseases while also reducing oxidative stress which can cause damage to our bodies. Always discuss with your medical practitioner other cancer treatment and prevention methods.

4. Consuming cranberries can also help to promote overall digestive health and benefit the digestive tract. This is because cranberries have anti-septic, detoxifying and cleansing properties. When consumed regularly, they can help our bodies to eliminate unwanted toxins and cleanse our entire body, including important bodily organs. As well, they can help to relieve symptoms associated with bloating and water retention. If that wasn’t enough, cranberries can also help to balance the bacteria in our digestive tract, promoting healthy gut flora and creating an environment for good bacteria to thrive. This can also help to relieve symptoms of diarrhea and constipation while also boosting our immune system.

5. Lastly, cranberries are incredibly heart healthy and can promote the overall health of our heart a number of different ways. They are loaded with cardiovascular benefiting antioxidants and phytonutrients which provide anti-inflammatory effects. Cranberries can also help to decrease high blood pressure levels and reduce high cholesterol levels. They can also help to promote the overall health of our blood vessels, reduce the risk of heart attack and reduce inflammation. Cranberries are also an excellent source of vitamin C which can help lower high blood pressure and promote cardiovascular health.

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