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Hey kids! I’m Kristee, a 22 year old grad student living in DC. On my channel you’ll find fun lifestyle, college, and fitness videos, plus anything else I want to document in this video diary of my life along the way!

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How tall am I?
5′ 3″

When did I start losing weight?
June 9, 2017 after I graduated college.

What am I doing in DC?
Getting my Master’s in Foreign Policy from American University!

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Yo, FTC! These products were all purchased by me, playaaaa. Fosho. I’m so gangsta I don’t need companies to pay me for videos. Which I didn’t in this video, capishe? Is that even how you spell that? Have an unforgettable day. And remember, this is always my honest opinion. Over and out.

Communicator. Hipster-friendly travel trailblazer. Extreme introvert. Beer ninja. Professional entrepreneur. Coffee junkie. Analyst. Web maven.


  1. Hii Kristee! Each workout on the apple watch is calculated in a different way. In a next class try to put functional training or HIIT and the strength training part only for when you are lifting weight. It worked for me better this way. Love your channel.

  2. Hi Kristee!! Ghost watcher here haha. I just got an Apple Watch a few days ago. When you track your workouts, specifically with yoga classes, should I categorize it as “other” and not strength training since there is no “yoga” option on the activity app? And I totally agree with you, yoga sculpt is one of the hardest but best workouts for me too!!

  3. My YWCA has yoga sculpt classes with an instructor who teaches at corepower! So I take the yoga sculpt classes for just the cost of my gym membership bc corepower is soooo expensive lol. Maybe a gym by you has it too?

  4. hey I don't know if its just with me but the audio has like a back noise really bad sometimes… You're like my favorite youtuber and it only happens with you…

  5. Can you start vlogging other things besides fitness? This fitness thing is interesting, but it's starting to seem repetitive. Maybe start a fitness channel, and do less fitness stuff on your main channel. Just a suggestion though- you're still amazing

  6. I recently got a Fitbit and it has options for all different kinds of workouts (running, treadmill, yoga, weights, etc.) maybe the Apple Watch has that as well? I think it calculates calories burned different ways so it may be something to play with!

  7. it's so true that when you're in a city and you don't have a car you walk so much more! I just moved home from college and now I live in a suburb with a car and I'm starting to feel kinda gross because I sit so much more than when I was in college! now I've been making a point of going on evening walks to get my steps in

  8. In reference to eating out less, I have been working on saving more money and someone in a Facebook group told me about Mealime – it's a free app for recipes and groceries. You can pick out recipes (like blueapron or hello fresh, kinda) and it gives you a grocery list. Then you can easily do walmart or safeway grocery pickup or delivery. I think it's really going to change up my diet and give Postmates a run for my money 😀

  9. So about 4 years ago when I was taking some prerequisites in college I would literally fast until 2. Honestly I didn’t even know I was doing it but I remember being soooo “naturally looking lean” and always thought it was my extreme running but I’m sure eating well and fasting (unknowingly) had a huge impact too! 🙂

  10. I love walking everywhere! I've noticed such a big difference in the amount I walk a day being at home vs being at college and so I definitely need to make an effort to go on a nightly walk around my neighborhood since nothing is walking distance from my house

  11. One reason you may be burning the same amount of calories even though you feel like your working harder is because during your gym training you let your heart rate drop and then you have to get it back up as opposed to keeping a sustained heart rate.

  12. I’m glad you added info about IF. I heard you’re really not supposed to do it every single day (women) bc it messes with hormones.

  13. So funny you mentioned the firefly thing, my boyfriend is from CA and when he moved to the Midwest he thought it was so strange to see them too!

  14. Okay how to you get around 490-500 calories burned during a work out?! It’s a good day when I get 300+ lol

  15. I wake up occasionally with a sore throat. If its there later in the day, thats when i think ima get sick.

  16. Kristen are you in charge of my instagram ads because I’ve gotten 3 gymshark ads in the last week… I’m spooked

  17. Hey Kristee! Loooong time ghost watcher here but I began my fitness and health journey slightly after you did and I've felt like we've been doing this together ever since. You know, like we're cheers-ing our lemon water in the morning! Hahaha. Anyway, I just watched this video while I RAN A MILE on the treadmill at the gym. This is a totally new thing for me and probably only the second time I've ran a consecutive mile in my life. So I felt like now was the time to stop & say hey! And thanks for making these videos and being a friend!

  18. I’ve never seen a firefly either! I really need to start having apple cider vinegar water in the morning

  19. I think apple cider vinegar technically breaks a fast 🙁 but I still drink it in the morning anyways too haha

  20. After watching the animated movie “Grave of the Fireflies” I literally can’t look at fireflies without bursting into tears. That movie was so sad and heartbreaking. People probably think im on drugs because ill stop and go “ohhhh the fireflies!!”

  21. I don’t know how anyone can drink apple cider vinegar with lemon water lol ..turned my stomach immediately especially on an empty stomach in the morning.

  22. just a tip if you want it: there is a yoga option on the apple watch. if you click other and do the work out, at the end it asks you if you want to name it and it will give you the option of yoga ^_^

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