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5 Fitness Mistakes That Are Making You FAT!

What could be more frustrating than seeing little to no result even after spending hours at the gym?

Don’t know about you, but I think that’s the most depressing thing in the world!
It’s a weird situation where you exercise daily but don’t even look like it.

Most of your friends or workout buddies may even be trying to figure out what’s wrong with you, but I can assure you that you’re perfectly fine.

You’ve just been making some major fitness mistakes!
Now the big question is, “are you ready to learn more about them?” If yes, join us as we explore 5 common mistakes you’ll want to stop making right now.

1. You skip workout sessions because you’re scared of being hungry
Are you in this situation? If yes, you’ll be happy to hear that you’ve been living a lie!
Contrary to what you believe, exercise actually acts as an appetite suppressant.
In essence, regular workout sessions can help you stick to your healthy diet.
It’s also good to know that your hunger may be as a result of your diet;
Essentially, failure to feed your body all the nutrients it needs will cause it to crave more and more food, and you’ll have no choice but to give in.
All in all, try as much as possible eat only nutritious foods and of course, keep hitting the gym — you’re going to be just fine!

2. You exercise in the early hours of the morning without eating anything
Here’s the thing; you actually have a higher chance of burning more calories when you work later in the day.
In essence, there are times when early morning workouts won’t cut it.
It’s good to point out that your muscle strength and body temperature are usually at their peak in the afternoon; as such, you can be sure of working out and seeing greater results by this time.
What’s more, you’re unlikely to perform excellently or burn more calories on an empty stomach — so always try to get something to eat before working your body.

3. You spend long hours at the gym to max your workout
Another mistake is that you spend over two hours doing zombie-style training at the gym and expect to see good results working out at the gym.
The thing is, it’s not necessarily about how long you train but how hard — you need to figure out how to kill it while you’re there.
What’s more, you stand a higher chance of burning a lot more calories when you increase the intensity of your exercise.
So quit spending hours at the gym doing nothing — just focus on rounding things up in minutes; even 20 minutes of high-intensity workout is sure to work great.

4. You stick to a particular routine
To sum it up, you should be aware that nothing works forever in the fitness world.

That said, if you keep doing the same routine for too long, your body will get used to the entire process.
And when it does, you’ll see little to no results.
The surest way to keep seeing the fruit of your hard work is by challenging your body in a new way and of course, practicing a variety of workouts.

The good news is, the tweaks don’t have to be major — for example, you can do the elliptical in reverse for ten minutes instead of the standard thirty minutes.

Or maybe you could swap dumbbells for sandbags and the likes.
The bottom line; keep changing things up so you don’t plateau.
And that’s it! Which of these mistakes have you been making?

The first, second or fourth? Whatever the case may be, you’ll be glad to know that it’s not too late to correct every one of them. Just start now!

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  1. The one about tweaking your routine is completely false. Your muscles dont have any brain matter in them so they don't even know what exercise you're doing. They just know if they're getting stimulated or not. The only reason you would ever want to change your routine is if you're getting bored and aren't putting in the same effort.

  2. Thanks body hub
    I have a suggestion, please use easier English in your videos.
    It’s a bit hard to understand what you say!

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