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5 Easy Superfood Smoothies | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Call me the Smoothie Queen Healthy smoothies make the best breakfast, don’t you agree?

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Healthy smoothies are my favorite way to have my fruits & veggies. Here are 5 quick & easy superfood smoothie recipes that would make a great back to school breakfast, even if you’re running short on time. Smoothies are a creative act, so have fun experimenting with what ingredients you love! Comment below: What’s in your favorite smoothie?


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Recipe 1: Red Smoothie
→ Banana
→ Strawberries
→ Goji berries |
→ Almond milk |
→ Ice

Recipe 2: Green Smoothie
→ Leafy greens
→ Wheat grass powder |
→ Banana
→ Papaya
→ Chia seed |
→ Flaxseed |
→ Coconut water |

Recipe 3: Purple Smoothie
→ Blueberries
→ Banana
→ Chia seed |
→ Hemp seed |
→ Almond milk |

Recipe 4: Yellow Smoothie
→ Banana
→ Frozen mango
→ Turmeric |
→ Black pepper |
→ Almond milk |

Recipe 5: Lazy Superfood Shake
→ 2 Bananas
→ Amazing Grass Antioxidant Green Superfood Powder |
→ Coconut Water |

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  1. All your recipes sound delicious! I will definitely try some of them! the one with mango and indian spices is the one I am more intrigued.

  2. This was very helpful since breakfast is so hard for me always. In the mornings I'm ALWAYS rushing and normally i go without or with something unhealthy. I never really liked smoothies that I've tried before but these look so delicious! thank you x

  3. I always use frozen bananas for my smoothies, you get the cold effect of ice without watering the smoothie down. This also cuts that frothy effect, which I personally don't like. Basically when I notice my bananas are getting a little ripe and I have too many left to eat before they go bad, I just pop them in the freezer. Love your channel! <3

  4. I love it! This is a well executed sponsored video! Nice one. And great recipes too, so easy to recreate! Thanks Aileen

  5. Can't wait to try some of these! Btw, I'm such a fan of how you film/edit. I love the pastel/dreamy undertones that come through in your videos. Is there a specific way you edit/or filter the videos? Or is it just your background and lighting? Thank you!!! Xoxo

  6. Hi i was wondering if you can give any advice on actually doing. You see, i love learning but I tend to see it as 'work' when I'm consciously studying the material. Like when I'm trying to learn Chinese I find that I'm stressed out after learning it but there at times when i absolutely love it. I'm really confused >< I'm not sure what I should do.

  7. Love your ideas! I wanted you to know that your videos have inspired me to do major changes in my life and to move in new directions for the better. It has been the energy spark i have been needing for too long. You truly can make a difference in people life. Thanks for your inspiration.

  8. We call them "blasts" instead of smoothies, lol. Blast of nutrients ~ love the Nutribullet. I can't find an affordable Nurtibullet style blender in Korea. 🙁

  9. These smoothies use too much fruit. The real purpose of smoothies is to get more greens in your diet. Fruits should just be used to sweeten things up a bit.

  10. Thank you for these great smoothie tips!! When I go to a smoothie shop I say I want a "crunchy" then tell them that I don't like the ice completely blended in. I sometimes get strange looks from the employee but they make them just right. 🙂

  11. Do you have any recommendations for substitutes for banana? I really dislike bananas, but I'd like to know how to create smoothies without them.

  12. If you like your smoothies cold, you can also freeze your bananas and then you also don't have to worry about them going bad either. Just peel and put them in a bag in the freezer and reuse the bag.

    An afforable way to drinking smoothies everyday and in abundance are frozen fruits and vegetables. A big bad of mixed fruit goes for about $2-3. Will save you and reduce less waste, unless your market has unpackaged fresh produce. Then they are cold and ready for smoothies and you can use the bag for freezing bananas once you run out.

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