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It’s my BIRTHDAY and so I wanted to film a special video for you guys with 31 things I have leant so far since being born, from the funny, to the embarrassing, love life, fitness and adulting! I’d love you to leave your own lessons below and don’t forget to hit subscribe!


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Q: What camera do you use to film?
A: I film my videos with the Canon 5D Mark 3 and Vlog with the Canon G7x.
Q: What lighting do you use?
A: I use natural lighting and a softbox light: (
What editing software do you use?
A: iMovie and Final Cut Pro


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  1. Your content is so engaging and always has such a positive message. Youtube, the internet and the world need more people like you! Love your work

  2. Happy Birthday Carly!!!

    I'm going to be 30 this year and I've learned that you can't and shouldn't try and please everyone around you, that being "weird" is okay, and that family is very important.

  3. Number 31 actually made me a little bit emotional. Perhaps I should buy that train ticket ❤️ thank you

  4. Happy Birthday lovely lady!! You are very quickly becoming my favourite YouTuber. You just have the best personality so intelligent yet funny ❤️

  5. I'm with you on the Dyson – i was so happy when we got ours and i want a cordless one now!!

    I think the friends come and go thing is such an important thing…just because they come and go doesn't mean it's a waste of time! I've had to help a few younger friends realise this.


  6. Loved this SO much Carly! Your advice rings so true and I really love your honesty. I am 31 this year as well (December) and I have also learned:
    1. You just cannot please everyone, all the time. Do what's best for you and your family/ partner.
    2. There's no need to follow a path that society dictates- leave your 9-5 job if you hate it- NO ONE says you have to stay there!
    3. Taking the scariest, biggest leap of faith could be the best decision you'll ever make.
    4. 99% of women have cellulite – only makes you human! It's a feature, not a flaw (although still my biggest insecurity, go figure!).

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