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30 Minute Abs Workout – Intense Core Workout with Warm Up and Cool Down

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  1. @ Daniel and Kelly, I would appreciate it if you guys can reply me back. I have been on a weight loss/ healthy living journey for quite a while now. But since last year I have been consistent with my workouts and healthy eating. Recently I have noticed that I dont seems to burn that many calories as I used to. Please note I never do same exercise every day or the week. I alternate my routine but on the days I do one or two of your strength trainings I dont seems to burn even the minimum calories. Like on this video even though i was using weight I seems to have burn only 98 cals. I use fitbit so that is how I calculate my calorie burn. Can you please explain why that is. I have tried to up my weights too. I usually do 3 days of cardio or HIIT and 2 / 3 days of total body strength training.

  2. I love your workouts so so so much (7 years with you guys!!). I'm so so happy that you are getting very popular on youtube! You deserve it. You're the best fitness channel on youtube there ever was and there every will be !! 🙂
    Please continue on this path, you are amazing !!!! 🙂

  3. nice video, i would like to see a shorter version too, as it makes it easier (at least for me) to do the exercises.

  4. Most of the moves were really challenging for me, like the plank dips, basically anything to hold my body weight was really hard, i barely did those two but i kept trying, thats what counts right? lol Happy new year everyone!!!

  5. I've been using FitnessBlender since my freshman year in highschool, i am now in my junior year of college and still following along. Thanks for keeping ya girl and everyone healthy and most importantly, thank you guys for doing what you do! <3

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