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3 Exercises to Get Big BULGING Biceps FAST

In this video I show you 3 Exercises to Get Big BULGING Biceps FAST


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  1. People need to understand its not all about breaking down your muscles with excercises to get more mass, restoring them with quality protein rich food is just as crucial. Good vid tho

  2. Hey Brett! I'll be honest, please don't see this as hate because I love the videos, but I don't really like the new background… It looks a little, danger dolan, which is kinda cringe tbh. Great job with the vids tho!! I've nearly watched every video on your channel lol

  3. You were talking about the big muscle in your forearm. It’s the Brachioradialis not the brachialis. The brachilias is positioned in de upper arm right next to the bicep Brachii AKA Bicep

  4. I dont really agree and i do but here is how i increased my biceps size on a CUT like my arm measurment went up when on cut it normally goes down and no i am not beginner so even before i had chin ups as stable i didnt really look at them as “bicep exercise” because they will build my back and biceps really a lot so on upper days i would do chin ups 4×4-7 and i went from 1 plate to two plate for 5 reps and deadhang full ROM that built soo much thickness to my back lats and biceps too and second tip is barbell curls after chin ups like here in video focusing on perfect form and adding slight weight/reps if form is good i would do 4×8-10 and on pull day after back work i would do incline curls 4×10-12 and after that hammer curls which are i think soo important people always forget hammer curls and i did 3×10-15 so its not done yet on push days where we dont normally train biceps i did at the end workout two sets of 15-25 reps just pump it and pump was soo good you can train biceps a lot because they are biceps you will not really overtrain them if you do less than 20 sets per week so summary of all this is hit biceps 2-4 per week with diferent rep shcemes like DUP says you can see i did from chin ups 4-7 to barbell curls 8-10 to incline curls 10-12 to hammer curls 12-15 to just dumbbell curls 15-25

  5. Clarification: Progressive Overload is adding weight and intensity with each workout, like I mentioned. Pyramid sets are adding weight and intensity with each SET (I mistakenly referred to this as progressive overload as well). You should be doing BOTH. That is all.

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