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15 Easy And Delicious Breakfast Recipes | Twisted

Start your morning off right with these easy and delicious breakfast recipes. These tasty recipes will certainly wake up your tastebuds.

00:04 – Cheesy Bacon French Toast Triangles
01:01 – Sheet Pan Bacon Egg Cheese Sandwiches
02:32 – Cheesy Hash Brown Breakfast Roll
03:24 – French Toast Breakfast Cups
04:24 – Mini Breakfast Tacos
04:59 – Caramel Apple Donut Rings
05:48 – Chocolate French Toast Loaf
07:22 – Red Velvet Pancakes
08:41 – French Toast Nuggets
09:45 – Family Breakfast Crunchwrap
10:15 – Breakfast Croissant Bake
11:17 – Breakfast Bread Boat
11:47 – Churro Waffles
12:38 – Loaded Brunch Skins
13:14 – Easy Breakfast Tostadas

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  1. When you do your next ice cream recipe, I heard a song called ice cream twisted the other day..could you play it? It wasn't bad.

  2. Dead Twisted Chefs, we get it ya'll like to eat. Can you please show normal human sized portions though? An 8-stack of Red Velvet pancakes is the fast track to weighing more than an african elephant circus act where 3 elephants stand on top of eachother. a 2-stack is a more appropriate meal size.

  3. Where's the classic breakfast foods?
    Like Cookies 'n' Creme Horizontal Stripe Cake
    Or Cookie bottom mousse cake
    Like if you get that reference

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