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12 Weight Loss Tips Ranked from Worst to Best

Weight Loss tips Ranked from Worst to Best. Best tips for effective weight loss. How to lose weight fast?

To make things simpler for you, I have picked up some of the most common weight tips floating around and have ranked them from worst to best. Watching this video through the end, I promise, you will get a clear roadmap as to how you should go about your weight loss journey.

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On the basis of well researched scientific information, my own experience I have categorized the popular weight loss tips into 3 categories.

00:40 – CATEGORY #1 – This category includes the worst weight loss tips which have no scientific backing.

03:57 – CATEGORY #2 – This category includes a few overly hyped weight loss tips. These tips are a result of intensive marketing by the weight loss industry.

05:04 – CATEGORY #3 – These, in my opinion, are the best advices for effective and sure shot weight loss.


Water bottle that I use –
Bhuna Chana –
Rock Salt –
Black salt –
Jaggery –
Stevia –
Millets –
Oats –
Brown Rice –
Peanuts –

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Best Instant Noodles –
Best Biscuits –
Best Shampoo –
Best Face wash –
Best Deodorant –
Best Sunscreen –
Best Face Cream –
Best Breakfast –

Camera –
Mic –


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