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-10lbs in a Week: Weight Loss Vlog Ep.1

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Hi guys, I hope you like my first ever fitness/ weight loss vlog! Please let me know what was helpful and what you’d like to see more of! The keto diet has been great so far. I didn’t show everything I was eating or my entire workouts, I wanted to just give a general idea. I hope you stayed tuned with me! xoxo

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  1. I really needed this, you are inspiring me to get back on track to a healthier lifestyle. We got this girl!

  2. Super super happy for you. Sometimes it just has to be the right time mentally, emotionally, and physically for the progress to fully align! Me and my family live a Keto lifestyle also! It has done wonders for us mentally and physically. My dad has lost 55lbs and is no longer diabetic or on high blood pressure meds! Girl! It’s the bomb for the brain and the bod! Can’t wait for the next video. Sending my love and encouragement!

  3. Love this! Watching you and Shayla with these fitness vlogs are really inspiring. I know I certainly need to get my act together. You're doing amazing and I'll keep cheering you on : )

  4. How tall are You? And btw you're beautiful regardless, you gonna get to your goal weight eventually just fakes q little discipline and patience

  5. Hey Chrisspy! I’m in the same boat as you and exactly one week behind you. I weigh in today for my first week on Keto. I’m even more excited to stay consistent now because I’m doing it with one of my faves! 🙂

  6. LA CHRISSPY!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH GIRL! Don't loose hope!! I believe in you girl! Watching your video has motivated me and given me a push to start my weight loss journey also. Thank you for keeping it real af and sharing this journey with us!

  7. GIRL! I am the same starting weight as you and I am also doing keto!!! This video is the perfect motivation for me so thank you! Keep pushing and sharing because you are doing fantastic.

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