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1000 Calorie Workout: HIIT Cardio, Total Body Strength, Core Workout for 5 Million Subs!

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  1. You deserve every single subscriber and more! Thank you for making us stronger and happy as we do it. Never done those 1000 calories workouts, one day hahaha

  2. Hi. I was wondering if you knew that an Iranien tv which name is Gem Series is having a fitness show in which they are showing your programs and exercises?

  3. What's your opinion about shoes vs barefoot for HIIT exercise? I use a thicker pilates mat for most FB videos, and I'm almost always barefoot – but Kelli and Daniel always have shoes on.

  4. Im going to do it tomorrow with my mom! I've been doing these 1000 calorie workouts I've done 2 and this is going to be my 3rd one!!!! I've lose 5 pounds in 1 week i feel good ❤️

  5. Just one question. When you say '1000 calories' it means 1000 'cal' or 1000 'kcal'? Same question for the rest of the workouts. Thank you ^^

  6. You guys should do another 5 day Challenge– but for "Busy People who get Bored Easily"! 🙂

    OR– a 5 day "FB Adventure Challenge"– Since you guys travel a lot, maybe each day could be filmed in a different scenic location, so each day of the challenge would be filmed somewhere else! 🙂

    I love the 5 Day Challenges in general though, because it's fun to follow along with, and also awesome when you both do videos together! <3

  7. thank you guys!!!! doing your videos for just over a year, lost 5kg and built up my self confidence. weekly I do 30 min abs or lower body exercise. decided to test myself today with this one. I am so happy as I could do much more than I expected. my body is a jelly but the satisfaction of completing the exercise gives me incredible joy and happiness. thank you

  8. Absolutely loved this! Love you guys so much! It feels like working out with a friend after workout out for over 5 years with you guys!!

  9. This is like the only channel I'll let the ads play all the way through .. I need that extended break loooool

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