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10 Myths about Healthy Eating You Need to Know

It is common for people to have misconceptions about healthy diets.
Most often, you may read something online and believe that it is true without verifying the facts.
You should always consult your healthcare professionals before planning your diet.

In this situation, let us take a look at some of the popular myths surrounding healthy diet.

10. Coconut oil is not good for your health
Remember that coconut oil has saturated fats that can be easily digested by the body unlike other oils.
In this regard, you can use it for cooking various dishes without any problems.
It is also worth to note that it provides various health benefits and boosts the immune system of the body.
You can even prevent various infections by using coconut oil.

9. Egg yolks are healthy
While it is true that it contains many nutrients, it is also loaded with lots of cholesterol.
This is not good for the health of your heart and most people may not benefit by consuming egg yolks.
Unless you are on a mission to build muscle, you can easily discard yolks and consume only the egg whites.

8. Eating in the evening leads to weight gain
Most people mistake this concept as they feel heavy after eating during the night time.
This is because they are tired after working throughout the day and eating food has got nothing to do with it.
However, you should not go to sleep immediately after finishing dinner and leave a couple of hour’s gap to improve digestion.

7. You need to regularly detoxify your body
This is completely false as your body has a natural mechanism to accomplish this task.
Remember that your body removes toxins in a natural way without any external help.
However, you can boost the cleansing process by consuming some healthy foods.

6. Frozen foods are less nutritious
They can contain the same amount of nutrition as that of fresh fruits and vegetables.
The only thing you need to ensure is that the foods are frozen properly.
You can also preserve the nutrition in an effective manner by flash freezing the foods immediately after they are harvested.

5. Snacks are not nutritious
You can also choose to have healthy snacks that provide good nutrition for the body.
When you use fruits and nuts along with tasty ingredients, you can easily enjoy healthy snacks.

4. Fats are not useful for your body
You have to remember that having the appropriate amount of fat is essential for the proper functioning of your body.
It helps to utilize various vitamins and even your heart needs healthy fat.
Make sure that you limit the consumption of fatty foods and not completely avoid it in your diet.

3. Fruit juice provides complete nutrition of the fruit
This is completely false and you have to always consume raw fruits wherever possible.
Remember that the fiber content of the fruit gets destroyed when you juice the fruit.
Apart from that, oxidation further spoils the fruit juice and it becomes useless after a couple of hours.

2. Sugar is bad for your health
You should always have appropriate amount of sugar in your diet.
The only thing you need to avoid is processed sugar as it contains too many calories.
Choose healthy alternatives like Honey wherever possible to get the best benefits.

1. Carbohydrates are not good
Remember that your body needs adequate amount of carbohydrates to stay in good health.
As long as you are getting enough carbohydrates from whole grains and vegetables, you need not worry about consuming carbohydrates.

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  1. 1. Cholesterol isn't bad for you
    2. Eating late does lead to weight gain, because you have a lesser fasting window. (Depending on when you eat breakfast)
    3. Sugar is horrible for you. Even honey can be bad, because it raises your insulin. Sugar is only good in whole fruits/veggies.
    Sugar causes weight gain, inflammation, diabetes, heart issues, and more.

    Check out What I've Learned's channel. He has a lot of information on this topic.

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