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10 Minute Upper Body Workout – Upper Body Exercises for Toning and Strength

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    Just when I thought I couldn't love you more….ah <3

  2. I love this workout, and strength training! Especially upper body. I know you guys probably don't do this much anymore, but could you do another full body barre workout?

  3. Thank you so much for this! I’m a paraplegic and appreciate any and all upper body workouts you post! ❤️

  4. I love the work outs. They are short & sweet. My mind set is, yea I can do another & another. Thanks so much!!

  5. Yayyee!! Another short but effective work out. I like how you can combine different 10 minute work outs. Mix it up,and notice your body change ,and feel great! Thank you, Kelli, and Fitness Blender.

  6. Thank u, i really need to lose at least 10 kg used to be in very good shape a couple of years ago miss that fantastic feeling i am watching ur vids and doing them 5 times a week thank u!

  7. Tackled at the end of a cardio session listening to local radio which for me is London based Radio Jackie they have lots of get up and go music in the morning ! great session thanks

  8. Hi!! I've been working out with y'all for close to 3 years! I'd love for you guys to make a round 4 of fb30! 🙂

  9. Just a quick question, I broke my toe two weeks ago. I was wondering if you guys have any effective workouts to help keep the weight off while I’m layed up for a while. Thanks!

  10. I actually don’t listen to. Sic during workouts. I like to listen to your videos and focus on doing the movement correctly.

  11. How often should a regular person actually exercise/workout? This is in terms that a regular person doesn't have the goal to have a strong body like Daniel and Kelly's.

  12. FitnessBlender, can you do a lower body strength training workout for (rounder) butt and (Wider) hips specifically?

  13. Could you please make a no equipment back workout to burn back fat? Especially towards the lower and middle back?

  14. Can I eat more then do HIIT? To stay in shape? I just want to hide my veins specially in my abdominal they aRe coming out so I want to hide it..

  15. I appreciate all the wonderful videos that you offer. Thank you so much. This one is not my favorite, however. I prefer the ones where you tell the viewers the weight that you are using. Yes, we know that the same weights are not necessarily suitable for all, it would just be nicer to have some guidelines. Thank you.

  16. Crazy this workout kicked my butt a little bit because there's barely any rest periods. I followed this with more exercises afterwards since it's a bit short, but really like it. Also 10 minutes really gets you going if you felt a little bit unmotivated and it's just the right push. Thanks you guys!

  17. Yay! Thank you! Can we get an intense 10 minute cardio/Tabata/HIIT hit workout (something to get the heart rate & breathing up)? And also a seperate video with a 10 minute full body toning/strength training vid? I would like a good video to reference for days I'm on a crunch but still can work a good cardio and strength training session in. I do burpess or jump rope and planks but it's getting boring :/ lol. So I'd appreciate the help ♡

  18. Love this workout! Pumping the 80s playlist here, so great that you guys leave off any music. Since trying the 40min plus workouts, these 10min ones go so fast!

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