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10 Healthy Meal Prep MUSTS | New Year 2018

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  1. I'm looking for a some good tofu Marinades! Would love a video for that! I now make the exact same (Ketjap) every time…

  2. Don’t the veggies dry out if you pre cut them? Not that it matters if your going to cook them but if your going to eat them raw

  3. I just discovered your channel. I just loved this video. It inspired me so much!! Thank you! Please do more of these and maybe what you eat in a day video!!!

  4. What is that amazing looking meal at the 3:00 minute mark? Recently found out I have heart disease and I am not on a more plant based menu.. That meal looks amazing.. You have a video on how you prepared it by chance?

  5. All of my fruits and vegetables and I roast the vegetables that I want to roast on a big sheet tray with a little bit of oil salt pepper garlic The Usual Suspects. The ones I want to steam or put in soup or Curry I prepare by cutting and putting in a glass dish with a lid. So at least my fruits and vegetables are ready because I cannot cut and do all of that I also dropped a ton of garlic and onions. I should say I have my caregiver do all of this the right now I don't have a caregiver so I will do it this weekend alone.

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