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10 Amazing Microwave Food Hacks | Easy Microwave Recipes | Indian Kitchen Hacks

In this Video, I am sharing 10 amazing Microwave food hacks which I use regularly on day to day basis. These hacks will help prepare a quick snack, and will also help you make your food preparation faster. So, let’s see what are those hacks.
1. Papad
Just place a Paapad on the microwave glass tray and heat it for 50 seconds. Your roasted and evenly cooked Papad is ready.
2. Roasted peanuts
Place the peanuts directly on microwave glass tray and set the timer for 2 minutes. Once done leave them aside to cool down for 5 minutes. Your crispy peanuts are ready.
3. Juicier Lemon
Just cut the lemon into two halves and microwave it for 30 seconds. Now squeeze the lemon with a squeezer and see for yourself how much juice can be extracted from one small lemon.
4. Masala Omelette
No time to make breakfast. Use your microwave to quickly prepare a delicious omelette. We need some chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies, two spoon milk, salt, pepper and obviously raw eggs.
Now take one ceramic cup and put two eggs in it. Add all the ingredients and mix them well. Microwave it for two minutes. Take it out and give a little swirl. Hot yummy breakfast is ready.
5.Eliminate eye irritation while cutting onions.
Remove the top layer of onion and microwave it for 30 seconds. Now you can easily cut it without shedding your tears. Happy Eyes.
6. Peeling garlic
Place garlic cloves on the tray and heat them for about 30-40 seconds. Remove them from the microwave. Most of the skin will be loosened out and peeling them after microwave will be so easy.
7. Tomato pulp
If you need tomato pulp quickly to make chutney or puree, just place the tomato in Microwave safe bowl and heat it for 50 seconds. Leave it aside for few minutes to cool down. Now tomato skin can be removed easily.
Prepare puree, Rasam or your favourite chutney, real fast.
8. Potato Chips
Wash and peel the potatoes and cut them into thin slices. Use a slicer to get fine thin slices. Now place them on the Microwave glass tray. Brush them with the little oil and sprinkle some salt. You may add some chat masala or pepper also. Now Microwave it for 4 minutes. After two minutes’ flip over the slices and microwave them again for two minutes. Crispy yummy potato chips are ready.
9. Roasted Potato for Sandwich or Aaloo Paratha
Want to have potato sandwich instantly but don’t have boiled potatoes. Let’s learn how to do it faster. Prick the washed potatoes with the help of a fork. Place the potato on the glass tray and microwave for 5 minutes. Flip it over after 3 minutes. Take it out and leave it aside for few minutes to cool down and then peel off the skin. Now you can prepare your favourite sandwich or paratha.
10.Frothy Coffee/ Latte
To make frothy coffee we need hot water, coffee powder, milk, sugar and a Mason jar. Take half a cup of water into a cup and heat it for a minute. Now take a half a cup of milk into a mason jar. Close the lid tightly and shake it well. Shake it hard till the milk appears to become double with the froth. Now remove the lid and place the jar in the microwave. Heat it for a minute. Keep a check on milk as it gets hot, it may come out from the jar.
Add half a spoon of coffee powder in hot water and mix it well. Now take out the milk and pour the froth with the help of spoon then add milk slowly from the side. Sprinkle some chocolate powder or coffee. Wow, it’s looking awesome. Add some sugar if you prefer.
Lovely frothy coffee is ready.

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  1. awesome tricks 🙂
    I organised my fridge based on ur previous video. & trust me it is so neat & organised. and it makes me happy

    since then I am hooked to ur channel. plz come with more organising videos soon

  2. मैम क्या ये सभी चीज़ें सोलो मैकरोववे में बन सकती

  3. Microwave food is radiated food. It's cancerous. Don't microwave your food as much as possible. Pl google about it

  4. My question is you mam simply fy spaces
    Plz tell me I can do in conventional oven this things which you shown in video
    I have conventional oven
    And gas oven

  5. Useful tips,
    I m great fan of urs & wait for ur new video.
    When we keep lemon in microwave it becomes more juicy
    But it's taste becomes bitter.,I think 15 seconds r sufficient.

  6. You can microwave the chapati dough for 30 seconds straight from the fridge to make it soft and then start preparing the chapathis. Else it is hard to roll.

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